Hot Kimberley Garner displays her sexy body

July 16th, 2015

One of the many locations any Hollywood paparazzi love hanging out to catch a glimpse of their subjects is a no-brainer. It’s, of course, the beach. Other than seeing those bikini-clad chicks, at times, they get more what they bargained for and take photos of these unsuspecting people while they’re exposing way too much skin. This could happen two ways: one is when they do like to show their skin or two, there’s some slight wardrobe malfunction, which are meant for the world to see eventually.

Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing Kimberley Garner’s bare snatch or her fine round tits away from her bikini tops. But these pictures clearly show just how much anyone could fantasize very kinky thoughts just by looking at that tight body in a sexy skimpy 2-piece swimsuit. Paparazzi Stalkers once again caught a fine piece of ass roaming around on a sandy beach and the more it made her look steamy hot because any skimpy red bikini will look flattering on someone’s body.

Well, probably only when your body is as fine as Kimberley’s and you do have that same yummy butt cheeks we all wanna grab and squeeze. has a lot of these photos of sexy ass celebs but some had theirs enhanced in a way so they kinda ruin the fun when you like to imagine licking and nibbling on it because it’s like munching on injected collagen of a sort. So, no. Might as well as enjoy this full gallery of real perky tits and tight firm ass. You’d want to see more of these bikini celebrities strutting their stuff in public so you better check back every now and then.

Melanie Brown busty boating bikini candids

November 26th, 2012

“Every ship has it’s own personality, the tricks it does, the foibles it has.” That’s why this former “Spice Girl” and “X-Factor” judge, Melanie Brown or popularly known as Mel B finds her speedboat the best place to relax and do sunbathing. Catch her feeling the breeze of cool air underneath the sun while sporting her skimpy lingeries in these sets of pics inside Paparazzi Stalkers.

See her flaunting her awesome and delightful ebony flair while sporting Ebony Hollywooda petite black bra for her top and floral knickers as she enjoys one fine and sunny day on a speedboat with her man! Maybe she really needs to relax a bit after attending the Waverly Local Court in Sydney last thursday (November 1, 2012) and seeking to take out an apprehended violence order against Australian paparazzi Jamie Fawcett.

I can’t think of anything nasty to say at this sweet and charming ebony celeb, Mel B, I just envy her and that makes me so eager to have my vacation too with my own boat. For now, enjoy these sweet speedboat sunbathing, hot cleavage and bikini photos of Mel B! To see more hot ebony celebs getting sexy, skanky and scandalous, head on over at Paparazzi Stalkers today!

Kim Kardashian Forgot Her Panties

November 1st, 2012

Kim Kardashian candid pantyless pictures

Paparazzi Stalkers bring us these burning hot candid snapshots of Kim Kardashian while flaunting her cleavage and pantyless ass for all you pervs to enjoy! Just look at Kim Kardashian’s boob crack in that black downblouse, it really looks like those big tits of hers is causing our favorite skanky celeb some pain.

Kim Kardashian and her wardrobe malfunction while out on the streets

She’s looking very foxy here too and I just love staring at monstrous and bouncing hooters pupping out of her top dress! She really has curves that stun with her hot romp and that juicy pair of boobs to boot. And look at those nice and round ass flashing for our eyes to feast on as she maybe forgot to wear her pantie! Just take a long look at extreme perfection, it’s a total delight checking out her figure and every time I see it I think I love her a bit more.

Kim Kardashian forgot her panties on these shameless pictures

You’ll surely love these steamy photo updates, with Kim Kardashian and her wardrobe malfunction giving a reason to become the paparazzi’s favorite Hollywood [hottie|cutie|star]]! If you want to see more of her and tons of other scorching hot and sexy Hollywood stars getting caught doing lecherous things, check out Paparazzi Stalkers today!

Lindsay Lohan Busty Bikini Candids In Malibu

October 25th, 2012

Lindsay Lohan busty bikini candids in Malibu

Here are some boobylicious images of Lindsay Lohan while she’s out on a run looking tasty chilling by the beach. She’s wearing a kinky black bra paired with a mini short and her little freckled up physique is looking totally foxy, with her delightful romps bouncing crazily while soaking up a bit of sun.I love Lindsay when she’s looking hot, and even more when she looks trashy and easy. Check her out in these scorching hot photos as she barely reveals her sensuality under the heat of the sun while devouring her self with a relaxing ambiance by the beach at Malibu!

Lindsay Lohan has mommy titties on this bikini pics

Lindsay Lohan is a little starlet slut who’s blown her fair share of cocaine and that ate away at her healthy physique. This doesn’t stop me from admiring every time I get to see those titties. She’s a hardcore spinner yet has some plump boobs that are sure to make you go insane. She’s giving us a real nice shot that I really can appreciate.

Lindsay Lohan making her big boobs bounce while running in a bikini

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Olga Kurylenko in a sexy red bikini in Miami

October 25th, 2012

Olga Kurylenko in a sexy red bikini in Miami

For this week on Paparazzi Stalkers, the celebrity hunters caught the smoking hot beauty Olga Kurylenko with her dirty old man of a boyfriend. They were in Miami and the Bond girl wowed the beach scene with her super sexy red bikini ensemble. These photos of Olga Kurylenko showed the beautiful celeb enjoying the beach, splashing her feet on the shore and getting cheesy with her lucky bf.

Olga Kurylenko hot in a tight little bikini

For those of you who are not familiar with this French actress and model, Olga Kurylenko is the sultry vixen in the Bond movie Quantom of Solace. Yes, sadly she’s married to that hairy old guy. It’s simple unbelievable how hot and sexy this French actress, given that she’s already a mommy and married to an aging and hairy bastard. It is really a pity that there were some decent pics of Olga Kurylenko in the red bikini without that pesky guy besides her.

Olga Kurylenko whoring it out at the beach while in tiny bikini

Do I sound bitter? Hell you would be too! I mean just look at these beach photos of Olga Kurylenko in that tight and tiny red bikini, her long legs, sensual vibes and hot MILF body perfectly matches the beach’s ambience. But her bastard of a husband is ruining that. If you want to see Olga Kurylenko alone and looking super sexy by herself, head on over at Paparazzi Stalkers today!

Busty|Big busted|Booby Sofia Vergara Candid Shots|Pictures|Photos

October 18th, 2012

No words can truly describe how damn sensuous the next celeb babe featured on this week’s edition Paparazzi Stalkers. Dudes and gals, I bring you some candid photographs of the most desirable Latina momma on TV today, Sofia Vergara! One main reason that Modern Family is banging on top of the popular sitcom list, aside from the fact that it makes fun dysfunctional America, especially the culture of the West Coast, Latin MILF Sofia is a huge factor for the series’ popularity. Just look at the booby and huge booty photos of Sofia Vergara if you are not convinced on what I just stated.

Busty Sofia Vergara candid shots

The fact that you are reading the second line just means you agree. I mean dude, rare does a celeb, a TV celebrity to more precise, give a vibe of class and raunchiness at the same time. This celeb is has perfected I’m-not-a-slut-look-but-I-you-are-getting-a-boner-by-just-looking-at-my-hot-body thingy. The 40 year old scorching hot cougar is classy as she is deliciously fuckable and the bitch knows that we know she can get extra filthy in bed! With big hooters, a bigger asshole and a naughty looking face like that, it would be against human nature if she wasn’t.

Sofia Vergara flashes her red bra in a backless sheer top

She is one of the few celeb babes from TV land that can get me so worked up even if I’m just talking about her candid images. Sofia Vergara doesn’t need to get naked, she’s just prime jack off material even when fully clothed. I mean, she’s like the Chuck Norris of TV star land. Sofia Vergara can kill with just a pose!

Sofia Vergara see through candids

There’s more sexy snapshots of this Hispanic Celebrity and lots of other burning burning hot and often scandalous pictures and video clips of your favorite celebrities inside Paparazzi Stalkers!

Katie Perry Booby In|Whores Out Her Big Cleavage In|Booby Pics While Watching A Formula 1 Race In Singapore

October 11th, 2012

Katy Perry shows off her cleavage in Asia

Here are some booby photographs of Katie Perry for this week’s edition of Paparazzi Stalkers. The cam whoring brunette pop celebrity was out and about… in Singapore. Talk about internation jet setter. Apparently, the American singer is a big thing in this small Oriental island nation. Why was Katie Perry in that part of the world? Well aside from flashing her big American cleavage to the Singaporean press, which is what Katie Perry is doing on these pictures. The star girl watched the Formula One World Championship. I wonder who among the F1 drivers is her rooting for. More importantly, I wonder how many of those F1 drivers will get the chance to fuck Katie Perry.

Katy Perry Shows Off Boobs In Singapore

Heck, she isn’t as scorching hot as she was back in the day when she was just starting. Which was back in, uhm, 2010? But her breasts has stood the test of time. Just look at these photos of Katy Perry’s sweet cleavage. Just damn tasty. I swear, if I was the Asian press interviewing her, I’d drop that mic between this celeb’s boobies just to see if the mic will bounce back. If you want to see more star sightings, paparazzi scandals and anything explicit that involves celebs, check out Paparazzi Stalkers today!

Katy Perry and her cleavage in Singapore

TV Star|Celeb|Celebrity Aida Yespica From Venezuela Wearing|Showing Off|Displaying Her Tight Curves In A Super Tight Bikini|G-Strings And Thongs

September 20th, 2012

Aida Yespica tiny bikini candids

Check out this week’s beautiful edition of Paparazzi Stalkers, presenting a TV celebrity hottie from Venezuela! These hot images of Aida Yespica in a tight swimsuit will certainly give us a hot international flavor to sizzle up our week! This booby Latina TV celebrity is proudly displaying her perfect body at the beach, knowing very well that the paparazzi are drooling over that plump Latina ass, perky big knockers and voluptuous curves!

Latina celebs Aida Yespica thong bikiniAida-Yespica-Thong-Bikini-p

The sexy thong images of TV celeb Aida Yespica were taken during the weekends at Porto Cervo, and I just can’t get enough of her hotness! The international cam whoring Latina celeb is a big thing in Southern America, asid from a successful reality TV stint, swimsuit hottie Aida Yespica also has a modelling career and some experiences in beauty pageant events. Well, from the looks of Aida Yespica’s itsy weeny swimsuit, I have no problem crowning her Ms. Big Boobed Celebrity or Ms. Jerk Off Queen of the decade!

Latina TV celebrity Aida Yespica butt cleavage

Her candid bikini photos are just the perfect jack off material. Every aspect of Latina TV celebrity Aida Yespica is just smoking scorching hot! She’s has this perfect boobies, amazing curves, beautiful shapely backside and one plump cunt underneath that thong bikini bottom! If you want to see more burning hot photographs of this 29 year old Latina star and other scorching hot Hollywood stars, visit Paparazzi Stalkers today!

Cindy Crawford Hot MILF candids|Practicing Her Blow Job Lips On A Sundae|Sucking On An Ice Cream

September 11th, 2012

Cindy Crawford still a hot MILF candids

It may be the last days of summer but the heat level is still mind blowing inside Paparazzi Stalkers! So hot it can be compared to sugary sweet sundae cone melting around a sweet babe’s sultry lips! Which is just what super model and certified MILF celebrity Cindy Crawford is doing in these hot candid shots! The leggy and eternal object of our lust was spotted spending time with her family at some spicy chili cook-off competition in Malibu, Florida. Now isn’t that a great combination, flaming hot chili, the hot Malibu beach weather and hot photographs of celeb model Cindy Crawford sucking on a sundae!

Cindy Crawford hot MILF candids

That is just a triple threat of hotness! But we all can do with Cindy Crawford’s awesome candid photos. She’s one of the few celebs out there that can turn a wholesome family affair such as the even in Malibu, into one sizzling hot and very sensual show of carnal desires. I mean, just look at the photos of Cindy Crawford’s sensual lips as it devours that sundae like a cock sucking pro!

Cindy Crawford ready to suck a sundae

Who would have thought that this milf celeb is already 43 years old! Now that’s a hot momma we’d all love to swap lips, tongues and drool with! I wonder if she gives incredibly good head or if this celebrity sex goddess spit or swallow? Well, there’s more super hot and sexy celeb moments of Cindy Crawford and other Hollywood stars and starlets inside Paparazzi Stalkers, check out the site today to see more!

Alessandra Ambrosio Is Leggy In|Shamlessly Whoring Out Her Legs In|Strutting Her Long Sexy Legs On The Streets Of Santa Monica

September 4th, 2012

Alessandra Ambrosio leggy photos out on the streets

We’ve seen a lot of celebrity sigthings over the week, but for the first week of September, one of the sexiest celeb photos that Paparazzi Stalkers gathered are these leggy pics of celeb chick Alessandra Ambrosio! It’s not as skanky as an upskirt, sideboobs, nipple slip or cameltoe celebrity candids, but Alessandra Ambrosio’s skimpy skirt candids while she’s strolling around Santa Monica gives this certain flair of seductive sexiness.

MILF model Alessandra Ambrosio and her spicy legs

Being one of the world’s most popular catwalk star and fashion model, we are all used on seeing her sweet pair of long legs. Used but not bored or tired with them. We can never get tired off this leggy super model’s tanned legs. They are just perfect and down right delicious. Alessandra Ambrosio’s photos with her long legs in full view such as these pics on this week’s updates are actually one of the few things that the paparazzi can be proud of giving the world. That and Kim Kardashian’s cleavage.

Alessandra Ambrosio and her sexy legs says hi

Who would thought that this Brazilian model is 31 years old and already a mommy! With those slender legs and that super skimpy dress, outfit or whatever, I just don’t know what she’s wearing. But I love it for showcasing her hottest asset. Enjoy these sexy photos of MILF celeb Alessandra Ambrosio for this month’s initial salvo from Paparazzi Stalkers! Drop by today and enter the home of the paparazzi’s most sought after and sluttiest celeb moments!