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Rebecca Loos topless beach pics

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Rebecca Loos topless

When Rebecca Loos isn’t going around the world telling people about her alleged affair with football superstar David Beckham, or when she isn’t engaging in ridiculous stunts such as masturbating a boar in reality shows, she travels to different beaches and lets herself get photographed topless. Yes, indeed she is a wild woman who enjoys the attention and who doesn’t want to be tamed.

Rebecca Loos topless

Controversies after controversies, Rebecca has gained the attention that she craves for. In fact, after all the famewhoring stunts she engaged in which could easily stump Tila Tequila, she gained the title “TV personality” in her web profiles. Well, how could she not be famous when her tits are all over the place? Anyway, check out more of her topless pics here.

Katherine Heigl's almost tit flash

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Katherine Heigl tit slip

Did you know that Katherine Heigl‘s character in Grey’s Anatomy already got sacked? Or that she won Female Artist of the Year in ShoWest in Vegas? Okay, well, that’s not the news. The news is, that Katherine almost flashed her left tit to the entire audience of an award show last week. I said almost, because she moved and thought fast before her breasts hang out of her dress. Yeah, it sucked that she managed to grab the strap of her dress before the tit slip happened.

Katherine Heigl tit slip

It is indeed unlucky for us that we weren’t able to see at least her nipple. Katherine’s boobs are perfect, and those kind of racks should be flaunted any time and every time. And it could have been perfect with her new jet black hair if in case she flashed her tit. Well, I mean she kinda looks evil in that hair color, and if she just let her tits hang out then it might have gained her a whole new character or personality, landing her more movie roles, right?

Katherine Heigl tit slip

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Beyonce concert nip slips

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Beyonce nip slip

With the type of costumes Beyonce wears, and the way she shakes her body in her live performances, the occurence of a wardrobe malfunction is always possible. She’s always wearing something that fully exposes her massive cleavage,  so of course when she moves, her tits move too, thus slipping a nipple out of her tight top. Case in point, these nip slip pics from one of her concerts.

Beyonce nip slip

Not only does she often have nip slip moments, Beyonce also always happen to have upskirts due to her sexy costumes. So this got me thinking, are all these intentional? I mean, is this some kind of a star/singer packaging or something like that, that she always need to be in those kind of outfits so she can offer and tease us with nip slips, cameltoes, and/or upskirts? Huh. Possible, right?

Beyonce upskirt

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Paparazzi pussy shots

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Britney Spears pussy shot

I guess it’s not just bras that Hollywood celebrities hate to wear. They actually hate wearing panties too! Yes, these days celebrities aren’t that fond of wearing any type of underwear. I don’t know what’s up with that, but of course, I am extremely thankful that that’s the fad in Hollywood now!

Christina Aguilera pussy shot

Of course, one classic example of these Hollywood hotties who happened to not wear anything underneath their skirts or dresses, thus their pussies got exposed, is Britney Spears. Their pussy shots have been the talk of the town the moment they got released to the public. What were they thinking? This was the public’s initial reaction upon seeing these infamous pussy shots. But over time, more and more celebs like Christina Aguilera and Ashanti were caught by the paparazzi without underwear on while exiting their cars, or performing in their concerts, and Hollywood fans now don’t get shocked but get extremely happy with these phenomenon.

Ashanti pussy shot

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Wardrobe malfunctions make Hollywood exciting

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Tara Reid tit slip

We’ve seen it through different Hollywood events. Tara Reid‘s boob slip revealing her pepperoni-sized nipple, Katy Perry‘s nipple slip and upskirt, and Nicole Scherzinger‘s almost tit slip–all these happened because of wardrobe malfunctions. Our Hollywood hotties hate them, but of course, to us, they’re heaven’s gift.

Katy Perry nip slip and upskirt

Let me just tell all those celebrities who has gone through a wardrobe malfunction moment that what happened really hasn’t caused harm to them at all, no. At least, you got your names back in the headlines. At least, for Tara Reid. Wardrobe malfunction isn’t the enemy. When they happen, of course, we get to take a peek of your goodies, then that’s not a bad thing because we’d never get you off our heads now. You’d be more desirable than ever. And our minds would be filled with fantasies about you. Don’t you want that?

Nicole Scherzinger nip slip

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See-through gowns at the red carpet

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Anne Hathaway see-through

A few years back, Anne Hathaway showed up at the red carpet of an event or something looking like that (yeah, that photo above). Little did she know that her brown dress was see-through with camera flashes, and because she wasn’t wearing a bra nor pasties at that time, her tits presented themselves to the viewing public and to all the people in the world who were curious what Anne’s boobs look like. As far as I know, she was humiliated and she apologized because of the see-though tits incident.

Hilary Swank see-through

Well, see how times have changed? Now, female celebrities intentionally wear see-through gowns at the red carpet, as if they are showing off their tits, whether big or small. They don’t care who’s looking. All they care about is they pull off the no-bra look and get the attention they need. Well, I’m more than thankful that times are changing. I hope one day we all go back to the when we don’t wear any clothes at all.

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