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Maria Menounos' pussy exposed at the beach

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

hot maria menounos pussy

Greek-American actress and television personality Maria Menounos is known in America for her appearances as a correspondent for Today and Access Hollywood, but pretty soon she’ll be known for having her pussy exposed while frolickining at the beach. Thank goodness our trusty paparazzi guy was at the right spot at the right time took out his camera and started taking pictures of her and he indeed got some of the best shots of Maria Menounos’ pussy fully exposed while playing in the water with her succulent gash captured in full vivid detail.

hot maria menounos gash
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Coco's beaver in a teeny weeny sleazy bikini

Saturday, July 17th, 2010


She’s blonde. She’s super busty. She’s one beast of a woman. She’s Coco. This extremely hot MILF must have been so black in her past lifetime that she still kicked the black genes from that lifetime to the present. Fix your eyes on Coco’s ass and you’ll agree. The more I look at her, the more I notice that it’s not just the ass but Coco’s tits and her entire body structure! That’s a black chick right there!


Well, not exactly.  More like a white chick in a black girl’s body…and I prefer it that way if you ask me. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone or buying two of the hottest items on the shelf for the price of one. You get my drift? What’s even hotter is this sex icon’s confidence. Only Coco can go frolicking at the beach with the sleaziest bikini the size as her 2-yr old daughter’s bathing suit and pull it off pretty good, in MILF standards.


Katie Price panty upskirt in the car strikes again

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010


Let’s take it from Katie Price to show you the right way to sit all lady-like in the car, and by lady-like I mean showing her lady lumps in a likable way. I know we ‘ve seen Katie Price a shitload of times flashing off her juicy tits and her opening her legs more frequent than Walmart’s doors on SALE day but here they are again.

But even if we’ve witnessed a lot of Katie Price’s panty upskirt to last us three lifetimes, we don’t really get tired of it do we? Because let’s be real here, seeing Katie Price’s pussy always keeps us hot and coming back for more!


Charlotte Gainsbourg goes nude in a beach

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Charlotte Gainsbourg topless

French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg is relatively unpopular in the US, even though she has appeared in some American films and have won several awards for her roles in some movies. But that is, until these nude pictures of her surfaced.

Charlotte Gainsbourg topless

Well, she isn’t exactly nude, technically. I mean, she wasn’t completely naked in these pics. Instead, she was topless at some point while changing bikinis in a beach. And then she went on taking off her bikini bottom a while after that, giving us a view of her ass and pussy. It would have been great if she just went all the way naked, but then these are enough. For now.

Charlotte Gainsbourg topless

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Paparazzi pussy shots

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Britney Spears pussy shot

I guess it’s not just bras that Hollywood celebrities hate to wear. They actually hate wearing panties too! Yes, these days celebrities aren’t that fond of wearing any type of underwear. I don’t know what’s up with that, but of course, I am extremely thankful that that’s the fad in Hollywood now!

Christina Aguilera pussy shot

Of course, one classic example of these Hollywood hotties who happened to not wear anything underneath their skirts or dresses, thus their pussies got exposed, is Britney Spears. Their pussy shots have been the talk of the town the moment they got released to the public. What were they thinking? This was the public’s initial reaction upon seeing these infamous pussy shots. But over time, more and more celebs like Christina Aguilera and Ashanti were caught by the paparazzi without underwear on while exiting their cars, or performing in their concerts, and Hollywood fans now don’t get shocked but get extremely happy with these phenomenon.

Ashanti pussy shot

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