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Sam Heuston pussy upskirt at a club

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010


Pull your hard cocks now and get ready to rub one out because these Sam Heuston pussy upskirt pics will make the mood hot and heavy for you. Never see a lot of British whores as wild as this smokin’ hot sex kitten to the point of going commando at a club where there are lots of horny paparazzis waiting for a chance to get snap of pussies and tits.

But it’s a hot thing to know that you won’t be expecting on Sam Heuston to shy away from the cameras because the bitch is wholeheartedly willing to shows her succulent pink pussy and juicy tits to everyone out in public. So without further fuckin’ around, here’s one of Big Brother’s sexiest whores, Sam Heuston, showing you a view of her snatch and round ass while partying at a club. What a fuckin’ woman!


Katie Price panty upskirt in the car strikes again

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010


Let’s take it from Katie Price to show you the right way to sit all lady-like in the car, and by lady-like I mean showing her lady lumps in a likable way. I know we ‘ve seen Katie Price a shitload of times flashing off her juicy tits and her opening her legs more frequent than Walmart’s doors on SALE day but here they are again.

But even if we’ve witnessed a lot of Katie Price’s panty upskirt to last us three lifetimes, we don’t really get tired of it do we? Because let’s be real here, seeing Katie Price’s pussy always keeps us hot and coming back for more!


Jenna Bush bushy pussy

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Jenna Bush upskirt

Well, we’re used to seeing actresses or singers having their daily misfits like nip slips or ass or upskirts, so today I give you something different. Well, not totally different, because she still is a celebrity somehow, but then again she’s not from Hollywood. What I’m talking about is Jenna Bush, and her awesome upskirt pics.

Jenna Bush upskirt

So Jenna was at the beach in a bikini top and a gray skirt, oblivious of the paparazzi around her. She wanted to change her bikini bottom, so she did. Unfortunately, she was a little clumsy, so she gave us these pussy flash pics. Not only did she expose her pussy, she sort of revealed that hers is one bushy pussy!

Jenna Bush upskirt

More of the pussy flash right here on Paparazzi Stalkers. So, drop by now!

Beyonce concert nip slips

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Beyonce nip slip

With the type of costumes Beyonce wears, and the way she shakes her body in her live performances, the occurence of a wardrobe malfunction is always possible. She’s always wearing something that fully exposes her massive cleavage,  so of course when she moves, her tits move too, thus slipping a nipple out of her tight top. Case in point, these nip slip pics from one of her concerts.

Beyonce nip slip

Not only does she often have nip slip moments, Beyonce also always happen to have upskirts due to her sexy costumes. So this got me thinking, are all these intentional? I mean, is this some kind of a star/singer packaging or something like that, that she always need to be in those kind of outfits so she can offer and tease us with nip slips, cameltoes, and/or upskirts? Huh. Possible, right?

Beyonce upskirt

Anyway, see more of Beyonce’s and other Hollywood celebs’ paparazzi moments here.

Paris Hilton upskirt

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Paris Hilton flashing her pussy at P. Diddy's party

Here again is our favorite socialite and famewhore Paris Hilton who never fails to give us entertainment. This time she “accidentally” had an upskirt moment, flashing her pussy in P. Diddy’s 35th birthday.

If you were a celebrity who is not a famewhore (meaning you are not Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, or Tila Tequila), and you’ve had a terrible upskirt moment once in your career, wouldn’t you think twice and be extremely careful before getting off a car or when barging through some red carpet event because another accident may occur and the paparazzis are sure to be all over you? Probably so. But she’s Paris, so she takes every chance to flash her nips, ass, or pussy when the paparazzis are around for fun. Or for more attention. We’ll never know why she does that, but we’re glad she never fails to shower us with her goodies.

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